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Waterborne Polymer Binders and Wax Dispersions

Waterborne Polymer Binders and Wax Dispersions for Architectural and Industrial Coatings


INTERPOLYMER offers a wide range of water-based acrylics, cationic-modified acrylics, and urethanes as film formers for various coating applications. Various wax dispersions are available for improved slip control, abrasion resistance, anti-blocking and repairability.




Furniture Wood Coatings

Furniture Wood Coatings

INTERPOLYMER acrylics and urethanes provide the adhesion, chemical resistance and durability that is required for furniture wood coatings. Hard wax dispersions are available to impart anti-blocking properties.

Parquet Lacquers

SYNTRANŽ acrylic polymer dispersions for parquet lacquers are characterized by excellent chemical resistance, durability and adhesion. SYNTRANŽ urethane polymer dispersions impart abrasion resistance and flexibility. SYNTRANŽ wax dispersions are used for slip control and to provide repairability.

Stain Blocking Paints

INTERPOLYMER has designed aqueous SYNTRANŽ acrylic, cationic polymer dispersions that can be used as functional binders in high quality stain-blocking primers and paints. On wood and cork, tannates and other extractives are permanently blocked, thus preventing the unsightly discoloration of white or light-colored topcoats. On walls and ceilings, nicotine stains, water stains, fat, graffitis etc. can be effectively covered and blocked, thus allowing the renovation of heavily stained rooms in restaurants, pubs, living areas etc. Apart from stain-blocking, these cationic polymers also provide excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.