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Polymers for Carpet Care

SyntranŽ  Brand Polymers:  "Polymers for Beautiful Carpets" 


Interpolymer produces a complete line of polymers for Carpet Care products that improve the cleanliness and appearance of carpets at a lower total cost. Carpets cleaned with products using Syntran polymers clean easier, resist staining, and stay clean you don't need to clean as often.

Syntran Carpet Care polymers are designed to impart many different characteristics specific to the type of product in which they are used.


Carpet Care Polymers
Product ApplicationAppearance% SolidspHStarting Point FormulationCommentsAvailability
SyntranŽ 4010Stain resistance applications  Clear solution  20%  8.80  F-10-036-26  Flourine modified acrylic for carpet and textile protectant applications  Worldwide  
SyntranŽ 4015Soil suspension aid  Clear solution  30%  7.50  F-19-010-09  Sodium acrylate copolymer for higher pH soil suspension and chelation applications  Worldwide  
SyntranŽ 4022Soil suspension aid  Clear solution  30%  6.00  F-19-011-07  Sodium acrylate copolymer for lower pH soil suspension and chelating applications (peroxide stable)  Worldwide  
SyntranŽ 4020Embrittling polymer  Opaque emulsion  35%  6.00  F-19-011-07  High Molecular Weight acrylic copolymer  Worldwide  
SyntranŽ 4080Embrittling polymer  Opaque emulsion  40%  8.00  F-19-010-03  Efficient, high solids acrylic embrittling copolymer for high pH applications  Worldwide  
SyntranŽ 4125Embrittling polymer  Clear solution  20%  8.00  F-19-009-05  Zn-free acrylic solution embrittling copolymer (zn-free version of 4180)  Worldwide  
SyntranŽ 4178Embrittling polymer  Clear solution  20%  8.80  F-19-010-09  Zn-crosslinked / low foam solution embrittling copolymer  Worldwide  
SyntranŽ 4180Embrittling polymer  Clear solution  20%  8.80  F-19-009-01  Efficient, solution zn-crosslinked embrittling copolymer for high pH / high foam applications  Worldwide  
Performance enhancing characteristics include: embrittling, cleaning ability, resistance to stains and the ability to resist resoiling. Each is rated on a scale from 1 - 10 and can be found with additional comments in the selector guide below.

Note: 1 = Not Recommended 10 = Highly Recommended For further details on any specific polymer, simply click on the name of the polymer in the selector guide that best suits your application.