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Polymers Hair Care Applications

Interpolymer has developed a variety of polymers for use in Hair Care Applications. Each are designed to impart a variety of perfromance enhancing attributes that can provide formulators with marketable differentiation in their end use products. 



For Hair Care:

Performance attributes of these polymers include Quick Setting Hold, Thermal Restyling, Color Retention, High Humidity Curl Retention, and Improved "Feel".   They are rated on a scale from 1 - 10 and can all be found along with additional comments in the Hair Care Selector guide below.


(Syntran Bimodal Polymer Technology for Improving Hair Styling Formulations)


(Syntran Olefin Graft Polymer Technology for Improved Color Retention)


(Syntran Olefin Graft Polymer Multi-Functional Technology for Enhancing Hair Care Formulations)




For complete details on any specific polymer, simply click on the name of the polymer in the selector guide that best suits your application.


Hair Care Polymer Selector Guide

(Note: 1 = Least Effective and 10 = Most Effective)

Product INCI DesignationColor RetentionCurl RetentionQuick SettingFeelThermal RestylingComments
SyntranŽ PC 5100 Hair CarePolyacrylate 21 (and) Acrylates / Dimethylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer  1  10  10  7  2  Quick Setting, Medium Holding Acrylic Copolymer for Hair Styling  
SyntranŽ PC 5117Polyacrylate-18 (and) Polyacrylate-19  0  9  10  7  2  For Aerosol Applications-Acrylic Copolymer for Hair Styling Aids  
SyntranŽ PC 5205Polyacrylate-15 (and) Polyacrylate-17  10  7  5  10  8  Graft Polymer for Reducing Hair Color "Washout"  
SyntranŽ PC 5208Polyacrylate-15  7  10  8  9  10  Flexible Ethylene Graft for Heat Setting and Non-Brittle Haircare  
SyntranŽ PC 5320Polyquaternium-37  0  5  5  9  2  Cationic Polymer for detangling and soft hold  
SyntranŽ PC 5400Ammonium Acrylates Copolymer  0  7  5  10  5  Companion copolymer that provides increased luster, pigment dispersion, and "crunchy" stiffness