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Polymers Skin Care Applications

Interpolymer has developed novel polymers for use in Skin Care Applications.  Each product was designed to impart a variety of perfromance enhancing attributes that can provide formulators with marketable differentiation in their end use products. 


Syntran® PC 5100 tightens and firms the skin, leaving it looking and feeling youthful.  Superior flexibility, adhesion, rub or wear resistance, and ease of removability are additional benefits. 


This innovative technology employs a bimodal interpenetrating network engineered to achieve a hydrophobic and hydrophilic balance that delivers both cationic and anionic functions.


Bimodal polymers provide a pleasant, natural feel without stiffness, flaking, or buildup.


(Syntran Bimodal Polymer Technology for Improving Skin & Cosmetic Formulations Platform Sheet)     


Olefin Graft for Skin and Sun Care Technical Information           



For complete details on any specific polymer, simply click on the name of the polymer in the selector guide that best suits your application.


Skin Care Polymer Selector Guide

(Note: 1 = Least Effective and 10 = Most Effective)

Product INCI DesignationSkin FirmingBoost SPF IngredientsFlexible FilmDrag & FeelComments
Syntran® PC 5100 Skin CarePolyacrylate-21 (and) Acrylates / Dimethylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer  10  0  10  8  Quick setting; no peeling, cracking or flaking.  
Syntran® PC 5227 Skin CarePolyacrylate-15 (and) Polyacrylate-17  0  10  9  7  Imparts luxurious feel