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Differentiated Film Formers (DFFs)

DFFs -

Improving Color Cosmetics, Hair, and Skin Formulations 


Interpolymer's DFF Polymers Currently Include:

Interpolymer's Differentiated Film Formers are currently being used by established cosmetic houses in a variety of mascara, eyeliner, makeup foundation and other film forming personal care formulations.  They can be custom produced, and as such, allow formulators to achieve specific desired results.


Using proprietary techniques, Interpolymer is able to combine specific monomers with performance imparting functional groups to achieve a balance of adhesion, cohesion, gloss, water resistance and film flexibility.


Benefits of DFF Polymers

  • Proven Performance: In Use for Over Twenty-Five Years
  • Good Adhesion
  • Water Resistance
  • Improved flexibility