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Polymer Technologies

Interpolymer's ability to produce cutting edge advances in both the use and formulation of polymers can be directly attributed to our ability to draw on a team of dedicated professionals, each with a high level of experience in different but related disciplines. By leveraging this knowledge base, Interpolymer has been able to introduce exciting new products that have launched us into becoming the preeminent global supplier of specialty polymers within the defined markets we serve.


A list of the most common technologies Interpolymer uses to create specialized polymer dispersions are listed below. For more information on each follow the appropriate link.


Surface Care Technologies

Acrylic-Polyethylene Graft Copolymers

Graft copolymers for consistent surface properties as a coating wears away.


Acrylic-urethanes offer a synergistic combination of acrylic and urethane technologies


All-acrylic polymers for improved performance properties versus styrene-acrylics.

Leveling Resins

These alkali-soluble resins act as levelling agents for older floor-finish formulas.

Styrene-Acrylics (or Acrylic-Styrenes)

Styrene-acrylics: cost-effective polymers for floor care

Wax Emulsions

Wax Emulsions for fine-tuning the Surface Properties of a Floor Finish.

Consumer Specialties Technologies


Bimodal polymers are a combination of anionic and cationic polymers exhibiting unique physical properties.

Differentiated Film Formers (DFFs)

Unique Copolymer technology.


Unique Copolymer technology.

Olefin Graft for Sun and Skin Care

The versatile Olefin Graft polymer technology offers many advantages for Skin and Sun Care Products that include...

Olefin Graft for Hair Care

Versatile polymer technology combining crystalline and amorphous polymer structures.


For Enhancing the Visual Appearance of Liquid Formulations

Resins for Personal Care

For Gloss, Pigment Dispersion, and Good Flow and Leveling

Industrial Specialties Technologies


Polycarboxylates as Dispersants and Stabilizers for Industrial Applications. These anionic polyelectrolytes were developed for industrial applications. They comprise homo-, co- and terpolymers that are based on acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, maleic acid, sulfonated and nonionic monomers.

Other Specialty Products

Designed polymer solutions for specific customer requirements.