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Interpolymer Innovations

Interpolymer's ability to produce

cutting edge advances in both the

use and formulation of polymers can

be directly attributed to our ability

to draw on a team of dedicated

professionals, each with a high level

of experience in different but related

disciplines. By leveraging this knowledge

base, Interpolymer has been able to introduce

exciting new products that have launched us

into becoming the preeminent global supplier

of specialty polymers within the defined

markets we serve.



Interpolymer develops and manufactures specialty, waterborne solution and emulsion polymers. The technology portfolio historically has been based on acrylic polymer chemistry. Over the years, the company has developed significant competencies and capabilities to modify a basic polymer backbone through secondary reactions to produce co-polymers offering a wide range of functional end properties. Interpolymer's key competency is to meet our customers' defined performance requirements through customized structure to function polymer design. The business has grown over the years because of Interpolymer's rapid response to development opportunities combined with the proper scaling of our plant assets to support new product introductions. Interpolymer has capabilities from 50 gallons to 5,000 gallons, including a pilot plant and several smaller scale production reactors that support developmental and scale up quantities. Interpolymer's portfolio of technologies is expanding to meet the current and future demands of our customers. We seek to combine the physical and chemical properties of acrylic chemistry with other monomers and polymers that provide unique and differentiated end performance properties. In addition, by adding specific functional groups to the polymer backbone, a wide range of structure to function opportunities can be created. Some of the functional groups practiced at this time are: Quaternary, Amino, Fluorine, Sulfate/Sulfonate, Carboxyl, Hydroxyl, Amido. Interpolymer's value proposition is to offer our customers a wide range of innovative technology platforms, combined with excellent speed of response and, in cooperation with our customers, superior speed to market. Working with Interpolymer, our customers have gained significant competitive advantage by being first out with new products offering new value to their customers. A listing of our current portfolio of technology platforms with an outline of our chemistry potential follows. We look forward to your contacting us to discuss your requirements relative to our capabilities. At Interpolymer, we remain committed to your success.