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Markets Overview

Custom Designed Specialty Polymers Can Help to Differentiate Your Products


Interpolymer produces polymers that are both unique and wide ranging in the markets they serve. Many times, our polymer breakthroughs for a specific industry or application generates technology that has significant crossover potential with the needs of applications in different industries. This cross-industry experience has allowed Interpolymer to leverage Creative Solutions and introduce new and exciting product ideas to other our customers, this translates into faster time to market, and in many cases, longer, more profitable sales curves.


Interpolymer's basic polymer groups are used in the following markets

Surface Care

  • Virtually all types of flooring and stone care
  • Carpet maintenance and stain protection
  • Automotive care products

Consumer Specialties

  • Personal Care
  • Household and I & I Products

Industrial Specialties

  • Coatings
  • Construction products
  • Water treatment
  • Leather and textile auxiliaries