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Products Overview

As a global supplier of specialty

polymers, Interpolymer serves formulators

in the Surface Care, Consumer Specialties, 

and Industrial Specialties markets. The SyntranŽ

and MegatranŽ  brands are recognized for improving

the performance, appearance and overall cost of our

customers' products.  


Our goal is to provide superior customer value in everything we do.

Surface Care

This is where it all began for Interpolymer...the SyntranŽ and MegatranŽ brands continue to set the standard in floor care with specialty polymers for Vinyl Composition, Wood, Concrete, Stone and Ceramic flooring. New Syntran products continue to provide advances in the cleaning and maintenance of carpeting. Syntran polymers add significant performance benefits to "Do It Yourself" retail automotive care products.

Personal Care

Our Consumer Specialties polymers are designed for both the Personal Care and Household markets. The Personal Care polymers are widely used in Hair and Skin Care, Cosmetics and Toiletries products such as styling aids, shampoos, conditioners, creams and lotions, mascara, fingernail enamels, etc. Household I&I polymers are found in detergents, polishes, cleaning products and many carpet cleaners and protectants.

Industrial Specialties

Our Industrial Specialties polymers are used throughout industry for a wide variety of applications. SYNTRAN polycarboxylates are applied as hardness stabilizers in process water, as dispersants in slurries for mineral processing, as pigment stabilizers in waterborne paints, and as additives in the ceramics manufacturing process. They are also used in fiber sizing, textile pretreatment or as leather auxiliaries. SYNTRAN waterborne acrylic, urethane and wax dispersions were developed for parquet and furniture coatings. Acrylic binders based on cationic technology are offered for the formulation of high performance specialty primers to permanently block nicotine stains, wood extractives and several other difficult stains.